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Common mistakes done by UPSC Aspirants

The preparation of UPSC civil services exam brings lot of responsibilities and expectations from the aspirants. Students have to behave with maturity in handling their emotions, distractions and other issues during the study. Civil Services Exam Coaching Jaipur given to the student by IIIASA can help students to overcome all these issues easily. There are certain mistakes that students often commit while preparing the exam of IAS. Help from the teachers of coaching centers can prove important to get rid of these mistakes. IAS prelims coaching help is provided in Jaipur for this purpose to the students.

Lack of Proper Time Management

The first and foremost mistake that students commit in their IAS preparation is mismanagement of time. Often it so happen that aspirants of civil services delay the study syllabus to finish some other tasks, as a result of which students fails to clear the exam. Time management for IAS exam could be learned in the best coaching training centers in Jaipur. IIIASA is an example of this type of coaching institutes which help students to manage their time for the studies of civil services. Civil services exam coaching is given to the students by experienced teachers in Jaipur. For taking this coaching you can join IIIASA at any time.

Ignorance to Newspapers and Current Affairs

Current affairs are the backbone of IAS exam which help students in both prelims as well as mains exam. But most of the students ignore the reading of current affairs through newspapers and magazines. Optional paper help for IAS is given by the best coaching center in Jaipur. The importance of current affairs is also observed in optional paper apart from other subjects. Newspaper must be given proper time so that all the new terms written in them could be recognized by the aspirants while solving the questions in exam. Under the experts of IIIASA students can prepare best for the IAS exam to crack in first attempt.

Avoidance to Consistent Preparation throughout the Year

It is not a good way of preparation of IAS exam with full energy in the beginning and then slows the pace as you head towards the exam. In lieu students should start their preparation in consistent way. In this way a proper and regular study is required to crack the exam. Foundation Courses For IAS Exam could be taken by the students to keep their studies regular. It must not be like studying 8 hours in day and next day you just devote five hours in your preparation. A good and successful candidate for IAS always keeps his study regular and consistent.

Lack of Revision and Notes Making Process

Revision and making notes is the most important aspect of IAS preparation. Those who take this aspect with casual approach have to kiss the failures in exam. This is because when the time of exam approaches near, students lose their important preparation due to fear and nervousness. Sometimes they even forget the terms that have been prepared by them throughout the study. Under such conditions notes becomes the main weapon of revision, as it is difficult to revise entire syllabus in that little time.

Lack of Preparation in Mains along with Prelims

It is very important to keep your study parallel for both prelims as well as mains. Those who gave followed this method of preparation for civil services have gained success in the exam. Crash Course For IAS could be taken for the proper study of civil services.