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Best success stories of average candidates in IAS exam

If you are an average students and preparing for IAS exam then here are few success stories given by average IAS candidates who have cracked the exam despite of different problems. So read these success stories of average IAS officers to enhance your confidence. Every civil services aspirant put his heart and soul in the preparation of IAS exam but only few of them succeed in their goal. This is because it is crucial to know that how to prepare for UPSC prelims and mains in smart way. Until or unless you do not know the difference between smart hard-work and just simple hard work, you cannot make through it. From important resources for IAS exam to strategies everything should be refined and planned like that of a topper.

Why it is important to read IAS success stories of average students

When you are reading best success stories of those candidates who have rised from the ashes and made through the exam it can boost your confidence to utmost level. You will come to know how they planned their day despite of the fact that they were from poor financial backgrounds of other obstacles blocked their way to the study. Also you will come to know about the important magazines and newspapers for IAS that can be understood by the average candidates

Some important IAS success stories from average students

The first story of success is taken from the IAS cracker from Jammu and Kashmir State of India. Suhail, who scored All India Rank 125 in the civil services exam 2016 and made his state and India proud, cannot be forgotten. Despite of so many challenges like flood, terrorism and lack of proper facilities Suhail manage to crack the exam and secured a merit rank as well.

Another story can be taken of that of Anu who is the second topper of civil services 2017 exam. We would not say that she was an average student during her graduation but she started her preparation after a decade of the graduation and have a son as well. Still she secured the second rank in the prestigious exam.

So these stories of the successful average candidates in IAS shows that even mediocre and average candidate can make through the exam with full determination and hard work. The only thing needed is to enhance the self confidence and smart work. In this way success can be gained in the exam easily without any trouble.