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Posted By : Sajjan Pratap Singh | Published at April 30, 2019

If you are preparing for the civil services then it is very crucial to know about the best graduation courses for IAS preparation. When you will choose the right graduation course it will help you to crack the exam with more ease. So go through the suggestions given below for UPSC civil services exam regarding the choice of graduation course.

Syllabus of UPSC prelims and mains exam

Before proceeding to understand a good course in graduation for IAS it is important to know the syllabus of civil services exam. When you will be aware of the syllabus for both prelims and mains it will become easier for you to opt for a good course during your college days.

How to choose the best graduation course for IAS exam preparation

The civil services prelims syllabus, as well as mains, is based on subjects like History, Geography, Economics, Environment, and Polity. So you can opt for the courses that include most of these subjects. Mostly humanities are the option that graduates have under such state which covers all these subjects easily. But people from other backgrounds are also cracking the exam with their hard work and efforts.

Tips for preparing for the civil services exam after graduation

So once you are done with your graduation courses it is important to prepare in serious tone for the exam. Try to read the NCERT books for IAS exam. More you have to find out the basic information regarding the exam like which are the best resources for civil services exam. More do not try to grab some expert’s tips for choosing an optional subject for IAS Mains.

That is how you can crack the exam even in the first attempt. There are many students who are from different backgrounds like science, engineering and even commerce. As a result of which they get nervous about IAS exam and questions starts arising in their brain like can commerce background students crack IAS exam or any other. But smart and hard work can bring any kind of change and history is proof for it. So do not let your preparation down with these silly questions and just make it possible to do hard work as much as you can.

That is how you can opt for the best subject for the civil services exam during graduation days. Those who make their mind to appear in the exam after graduation can also prepare with hard work to gain success.