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Achieve good results for your IAS examination by joining IIIASA

One of the biggest doubts in the mind of an IAS aspirant is to choose among various coaching institutes that offer services for the preparation of IAS exams. It is a difficult as well as a tiring task for the UPSC candidates but it is of utmost importance for their future. For a candidate who is looking for IAS coaching classes in Jaipur, IIIASA is the best possible options as not only they have the best environment of teaching but also there facility is well experienced and highly qualified for the task.

What is the pattern of IAS examination?

UPSC, an organization of the Indian government that supervises various prestigious civil services exams in India, is the one who organizes IAS every year. A standard pattern of IAS exam follows through three stages after which an aspirant becomes an IAS Officer. These three stages of IAS are, namely, preliminary stage, Mains stage and the personal interview (PI).

  • Preliminary stage: This stage of the IAS examination is the first roadblock on the way to becoming an IAS officer. It is comparatively easy than the Mains exams but it is filled with a lot of tricky questions.
  • Mains stage: In this stage, candidates are supposed to be giving several exams as it tests the depth and clarity of knowledge acquired by the Students. For Mains, students are made to select 2 optional papers of there choice.
  • Personal interview: Any student who clears in all the above exams is supposed to appear in front of the interview panel comprised of experts of several fields once an aspirant gets the required cut off marks from them are honored with the post of IAS officer.

How to start the IAS preparation?

Students find it very hard task to find an opening in the preparatory procedure for the IAS exams. The best thing an IAS candidate can do at this moment is to find a coaching institute providing the best Crash course for IAS prelims in 2018. IIIASA is the first choice for students of Jaipur as it is a renowned institution that has years of greatness behind it. For students to find the best IAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur they should follow certain information analysis steps which should include the following checks:

How is the educational environment?

An IAS aspirant should always first and foremost check for the fact that, is the institute they are going to take admission in for IAS Prelims 2018 crash course has an environment where they can grow there knowledge & skill or not? If the answer that comes out is that yes, it is idle for you then sure go for it after checking other points.

Is the Faculty good, average or ideal?

After getting a positive answer from point one, a student preparing for IAS should proceed towards evaluating the pros and cons of the teaching faculty that the institution will be going to provide them. A good teacher always makes a better student, it might be a pretty old saying but it has not lost its value a little bit, good teachers always help IAS aspirants to achieve their goal and help them to grow as a person too.

What is the quality of the study material provided in the course?

Study material plays a very important part in the preparation of IAS exams. As IAS exam which is conducted by UPSC, it requires a deep and well-polished knowledge of topics which are to be covered by students in the syllabus. Our experts have handpicked important things from each and every topic related to IAS prelims exam 2018. We offer a material for studying in our prelims preparatory course that provides deep knowledge and neglects points that are not asked by UPSC in IAS examination.

Why choose IIIASA coaching classes in Jaipur

IIIASA or Indian Institute of IAS aspirants is a reputed institute in Jaipur providing proper guidance through the process of IAS examination. We satisfy all the above selection criteria and give the best of the best in each one of them. Thanks to our founder Mr. Sajjan Pratap Singh, who helped this institution to grow more and more with every batch we welcomed and that is one of the reasons why we are the best coaching institute that provides IAS crash course for prelims.