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5 Confusing questions in IAS 2018 prelims exam

Every time civil services aspirant find some confusing question the prelims exam and they find it hard to select an option for the answer. The types of questions asked in UPSC prelims for general studies paper are mostly confusing but still, there are some which cross the level of confusion. So it must be in the aspirant’s mind that how to tackle such confusing options. Expert’s tips about how to prepare for IAS prelims can be taken here below by the students to solve these questions. Apart from that some major example of confusing questions in IAS prelims 2018 is also given here to make the aspirants clear about how to prepare for the exam.

What are the major confusing questions present in IAS 2018 prelims paper?

There are mixed types of questions that are asked in the prelims of civil services some of them are fact-based which can be solved if you know the fact. Other types of questions are concept based which need you to ponder on the arguments and eliminate the wrong answer. Some of such questions are hard to solve even through elimination and confuse a lot to the candidates. These questions are not directly asked from the syllabus of UPSC prelims but in an indirect way.

For instance question number 19 is the set, A can be considered as confusing as aspirants often fail to recollect whether they need to select all statement or not. Other questions that can be thrown to this confusion are like question 33 in set A, which need critical thinking more than knowledge. More you can also put 37, 41 and 46, etc. in this list as well. These were the major 5 confusing questions in IAS prelims 2018. These require candidates to apply their wit and reasoning more than the facts and figures.

How to tackle the difficult and confusing questions in the Prelims exam of IAS?

In order to attempt these questions which often put the students in confusion, it is important to save time in the last of the exam. First, try to attempt those questions which are known to you. If you are confident enough that the number of questions that you have attempted to pass the prelims do not touch these confusing questions to raise your negative score. In case you are still in more requirements of marks then try to eliminate the answers in a rational way. Always understand the technicality of the questions and read it twice and thrice sometimes answer is hidden in the question only. That is how you can attempt these confusing questions in IAS as well.