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10 Best resolutions for IAS Aspirants

Civil services exam is not that much easy which can be cracked without any resolution by the aspirants. At every step, you have to challenge yourself for the preparation to crack this exam. So if you are going through any dilemma that How to Prepare for Civil Services after 12th class or books to read for the exam then here are few resolutions you need to do. By following these resolutions you can increase your chance of clearing the exam very well.

What are the different resolutions that IAS aspirants should make to crack the exam?

Here are some of the best resolutions that are required on the part of IAS students to clear the exam. When you are following them with passion and honesty then it is not worth asking that Is It Possible to Crack IAS in First Attempt. This is because nobody can stop you from gaining success when you are committed to following ten resolutions for the exam.

  1. We focused on the syllabus of the civil services exam and orient your study towards it.
  2. Try to be punctual always and solve as much as question paper and test series as you can. That will prepare to confront the different troubles in the exam.
  3. Never ignore your weak points and give extra time to the subjects in which you are having less perfection.
  4. Make small and comprehensive notes on the topics for last-minute preparation, it will help you in prelims as well as mains.
  5. Try to balance between the time given to current affairs and other syllabi of the prelims and mains.
  6. Make sure that you are not ignoring mains exam of IAS and do prepare prelims and mains parallel as most of the syllabus overlap to each other.
  7. There are chances when you feel blank about the study of topics of the syllabus but make sure that you manage to rise from ashes in such circumstances as an able leader.
  8. You have to develop your personality by knowing your capabilities and skills in different areas.
  9. Do research on the practical side of your personality coming out from the limits drawn by the other people near you.
  10. Think in a positive way and always make a perspective by keeping the entire world in mind and not a handful of people while enhancing critical skills for the exam.

How to clear the UPSC civil services exam in one attempt?

If you are thinking of cracking the exam in the first go there is a big need for self-confidence and composed steady preparation. You must have an idea that which are the best resources for IAS preparation and how to read them. In case you finding difficulty in reading newspaper especially when you lack the idea about How to Read Editorial of Newspaper for current affairs and mains exam then expert guidance should be taken. That is how the exam can be passed easily in the first attempt.