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Next Batch for general Studies is slated to begin on 25th February 2019. Admission Open!

Next Batch for Public Administration is slated to begin on 25th February 2019. - Admission Open!

IAS 2018- 19, Batch for Public Administration is in progress.

IAS 2017-18 ( Final results) – Adarsh Pachera ( IIIASA 2013 – 14 Batch) Rank 231, Vikash Aswal ( IIIASA 2014- 15 Batch) Rank 1027, Garima ( IIIASA 2014 Batch) 726 and seven others have made it to Civil Services. I Congratulations to all of them.

Special Guidance programme for promotional exams ( serving Govt. Officials) is schedule to begin on 25th February 2019. .

IAS 2018 – 19, (Mains)Test series for Public Administration is in progress. Join Now!

IAS 2018- 19, (Foundation course) General Studies batch is in progress.

Prepration for IAS Examination!By IIIASA Academy Jaipur

Your search for the best IAS coaching Institute in Jaipur ends here at IIIASA

Dear Friends,
Prepration for IAS Examiniaton demands quality guidance and teaching and one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Jaipur is IIIASA (Indian Institute for IAS Aspirants).Established by Mr. Sajjan Pratap Singh who is also the ‘founder director’ of institute, IIIASA enjoys a rare ‘distinction’ in the field of IAS Coaching for having trained successfully not only the IAS aspirants but also the serving Government officials for various promotional examinations. Thanks to its ‘mission-driven’ approach in an increasingly ‘commercializing’ world,this IAS institute has developed a ‘distinct identity’of its own in terms of harmonizing core‘traditional values’ of teaching with modern technological paraphernalia so as to bring out the best in the students.

IAS Coaching – Pre Cum Mains (Integrated Training Strategy )

It is to be noted that in the past few years the nature and pattern of IAS Examination has undergone significant changes with increasing focus on ‘environmental dynamism’ and current affairs. The examination today is designed to evaluate not only the candidate’s ability to keep in touch with developments taking place in socio-economic, political and cultural sphere of life but also to comment on the same. Yet, the basic principles of learning remains largely unchanged in IAS Examination. If you are not clear in terms of basic concept and principles related to polity, economy, geography ,science, etc. you would not be able to appreciate and comment on the developments taking place around. Therefore, we at IIIASA have accordingly designed the course for IAS examination which as a part of carefully drawn strategy begins with the very basics of the subject and gradually the level of ‘Intellectual discourse’ is elevated to the level required for the IAS examination. As for example, in the sphere of economy it may begin with what, how and why of the economy and the economics, basic concepts like GDP, GNP, HDI, growth and development, etc. and gradually in the final stage it enters the realm of more substantive issues like State v/s Market debate, Global recession, Financial sector reforms, Fiscal and Monetary policy, Balance of payments, recession and anti- development thesis etc….


A meaningfull interection with those who consitute the best in IAS Coaching is 10 times better than reading literature. The What, How and Why of IAS in 'the best of its elements

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what is ias

What is the significance of IAS Examanitation?

Civil Services Examination in one or other forms has always been an integral part of organised governments and civilized societies all over the world. Its significance lies in multifarious role played by it in pursuance of public welfare and security. Today it contributes significantly in the implementation of public policy,plan, programmes and projects related to education, public health,environmental protection,development of infrastructure etc. on the one hand and the formulation of policy and plans on the other.It is a great stabilizing force to our polity, economy and society in general. No doubt,our quality of life, among other things, depends heavily on efficiency,effectiveness and moral uprightness of civil services.
"A scientifically institutionalized, professionally competent and ethically sound civil services is a great asset to any society"

what is ias

How to prepare for IAS Examination ?

Unlike other examinations, the preparation for IAS comparatively demands a well organised and sustained effort under the guidance of a good IAS Coaching institute over a period of time.Given the multi dimensional nature of syllabus and the standard of examination, it is not enough to be knowledgable which means that in the course of preparation one needs to develop ability to apply knowledge to the given situation. In simpler words,one needs to be alert and vigilant regarding the environmental developments be it related to society,culture,polity or economy so that an opinion or line of thought could be built up. But it demands at first a very good command over the basics or fundamental concepts of history,geography,polity,economy,general science etc.without which one can not think of evolving on dynamic lines. Thus you are required to begin with simple and basis concepts of subjects and in the course start dealing with applied part.

what is ias

Why to prepare for IAS Examination ?

A career in IAS affords a rare opportunity to become a part of that community which in a number of ways determine the nature content an orientation of the governance which by consequence define the quality of life of millions.Thanks to the stupendous authority and huge responsibility associated with IAS,you get an opprtunity to serve people directly which gives you a great sense of satisfaction and achievement as well.Being a part of bureaucracy you actively participate in policy making as well as implementation which is a great learning excercise and experience.An IAS officer in the course of journey carries out regulatory,developmental,quasi judicial,quasi legislative,electoral and emergencyizing functions to mention a few.
You, therefore, prepare for IAS because serving your people is far more fulfilling than just a job and package

sajjan sir


Terrorist attack at Pulwama

The dastardly fedaeen attack on the CRPF convoy in Pulwama which killed 44 brave soldiers of India leaves little or almost no room for us to continue with what we have largely been doing. This undeclared war between India and Pakistan has now entered into a decisive stage wherein the price of any sort of instrumentalism would be further death and destruction............Continued

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