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RAS Coaching Institute Jaipur

RAS, the Rajasthan Administrative Service is the civil service for Rajasthan states. RAS officers are ranked next to the IAS officers in the state. But on further promotions of RAS officers, they can take equivalent posts as of IAS officers. To be an RAS officer one has to qualify the exam conducted. That’s why students should join the best RAS coaching institute.

There are various coaching institutes to train for RAS exam. But one of the top most institutes in Rajasthan is IIIASA. IIIASA, Indian Institute for IAS aspirants, is one of the best RAS coaching institutes.

The reason behind joining in IIIASA institute is that it has the strategy to move firmly into the management of time and utilize the available resources. This will help anyone to avoid for putting lots and lots of efforts for more time and to avoid information overloading.

IIIASA does not encourage in mugging up facts rather it provides a smarter way to understand the concepts and put it an applied way. Every question’s answer should be clear in the mind including reasons and its implementations. It is always better for the integrated preparation of prelims and main for the exam.

IIIASA provides RAS coaching separately for both Hindi and English medium students. They provide such a medium coaching because they feel it should not lead RAS dreams to certain undesired jobs. So providing English medium training would help to learn huge things.

Unlike, other institutes it does not do something which is not required. It concentrates on higher better education to make the trainees qualify for the exam.

RAS coaching at IIIASA would focus on the integrated coverage prelims, mains and interview questions based on the latest syllabus. The course completion may take aroundRAS examination has been undergoing significant changes in recent years with greater focus on testing candidate’s ability to comment on environmental developments based on basic knowledge of polity,history,geography,economy science and others. Therefore it is not enough to just mug up facts or to collect tailor made notes. The best strategy is to move firmly with smart management of time and available resources to avoid duplication of effort and information overload.That’s why you need to join best RAS coaching institute in jaipur

The what,how and why of every topic should be clear in your mind. Further notes if you prepare, should be as concise as possible and avoid it if it is easily available through any publication. It would be better to go for integrated preparation of prelims and mains as long as possible with full focus on prelims when it is only two months or so for prelims to be held. Things may differ though from students to students. You should know that the gap between prelims and mains may not be good enough to prepare well.

RAS coaching for English and Hindi Medium Students

In the last few years many coaching centers have come up in Jaipur but majority of them are sub standard in terms of quality of education and some even go to the extent of making you sit with the aspirants of patwar, teacher’s grade etc. It can adversely affect all your dreams to be an RAS.

Secondly, if possible one should go for English medium because one can easily have access to vast ocean of information globally but it does not mean that there is any kind of bias against hindi medium. It is to be noted that many hindi medium institutes befool students and they are later found to have no faculty in English medium. Therefore, meet the teachers before taking admission.

You should know that good teachers are like gifted doctors and they generally cost more. It takes only a lecture or so to realize what could be the standard of education. If you don’t understand the concept, sitting amid hundreds of students,big brand with all sophisticated technology, everything is useless for you.If you are an RAS aspirant and you are looking for the best English medium RAS coaching institute, then IIIASA can be your first and the last destination.

IIIASA has the rare distinction of training even Govt. Officials let alone IAS/ RAS aspirants. Mr.Sajjan Pratap Singh who is the founder Director of IIIASA has been training IAS/ RAS aspirants and serving officials in the Government for more than 15 years with an unparalleled success story. He has been the editor of a national magazine KALP TIMES and is also a member of Honourable RAJASTHAN HIGH COURT.

Further, he has been contributing regularly into the much esteemed daily ‘THE HINDU‘ and others. No doubt, his intellectual contributions pervade a wide range of issues related to polity,economy, international relations etc. In 2014, he prepared and submitted a comprehensive report on the imperatives of bringing Civil Services Reforms to no less than our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. All such writings can be easily accessed by you on Director’s desk at www.iiiasa.com

More than 15 years of RAS Coaching Experience

Mr Singh leads from the ‘fore front’ and therefore the most important components in the syllabus are taken up by him only like polity, economy and current affairs etc. Last year IIIASA registered the highest success to enrollment ratio as a consequence of which it is esteemed so high by its students.If you are preparing in English medium and have joined a coaching centre other than IIIASA, you are going for a unworthy experiment.Make your choice sensibly.