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IAS Interview Preparation Jaipur

The interview for IAS examination differs from others on account of its elevated standard and criterion to judge the suitability of one’s candidature for the much coveted positions like IAS, IPS, IFS and others.
The UPSC interview board does not follow any structured pattern of questions to check the level of knowledge of the candidate. Subject to some basic thematic undercurrent of time, every candidate attracts questions based on his distinct profile and also from the nature and pattern of reciprocity in communication with board members.
Apart from current affairs ( national and international) and your academic background, an important component is situation and opinion based questions which actually deserves more attention. Here, the understanding of principles, values and ethical standards governing a particular issue is crucial so that not only you could come up with a line of thought but also substantiate the same.

There are some important points to be remembered during IAS Interview preparation.

1) Prepare for questions based on your academic background including the optional subject.
2) Prepare for questions related to your home state, its socio economic profile,historical facts developmental scenario and future prospects, important developments which took
place recently.
3) Prepare on your hobby and extra curricular activities including achievements if any.
4) Why do you want to join Civil Services only?
5) Why should we consider you for services? Your strength and weakness.
6) Your opinion on important national and regional issues like Jallikattu, Surgical strike, demonetisation etc.
7) Instead of lying, it is better to think of facing any limitations of yours with positive approach as far as possible.
8) Wear decently and wear what you carry naturally and comfortably.
9) Your body language and demeanor should be full of hope, energy and respect for the members.
10) Keep it simple, don’t try to show what you are not because the honorable members have seen many summers and winters to track you down if you………
11) Don’t worry much but prepare seriously. We including the members of UPSC, are all inborn imperfects who keep seeking perfection in others.