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IAS Interview Preparation Jaipur

The civil services exam is composed of three stages that are prelims, mains and then interview. Every stage requires coaching classes like IAS coaching Jaipur given by IIIASA. A prelim is a screening test that students have to crack in order to get a pass for writing mains. The paper of IAS mains is further sub-divided into nine papers, out of which two are of qualifying nature and rests of the seven are compulsory. Once a student clears these two stages of the exam, he is asked to appear for interview round by the commission. Preparation at this stage becomes very crucial as nobody wants to kiss the dust when he is just one step away of the horizon. That is why you should prepare under the guidance of someone who have gone through this experience earlier and also ventured the success. IIIASA coaching institute for IAS in Jaipur is helping students for preparing their IAS exam throughout these all three stages and known as best institute for IAS coaching Jaipur. You can find experienced teachers there helping students actively in their preparation.

Need of IIIASA’S Expert to Tackle the IAS Interview

The team which prepares students for their civil services interview in IIIASA will first analyze your personality by knowing your strengths and weakness. Then a rigorous training starts to overcome the loopholes in your personality which can become the cause of your failure in the interview. They are not going to make you an ideal person having no flaws, of course the state of Utopia never exist in reality. But they will bring many positive changes in you to make you able for cracking the interview. IAS interview preparation Jaipur from IIIASA will help you to know your positive and negative points. You can work on both of them by enhancing the positive one and overriding the negative.

Significant Tips for IAS Interview from the Teachers of IIIASA

Here are some important things that are suggested by the expert teachers of IIIASA for the preparation of IAS interview. Have a look on them and start preparing yourself accordingly from the very beginning. This is because the proverb” slow and steady wins the race” is not just for saying we should internalize it to win the race of IAS.

  1. Brush aside all the current affairs that you have prepared during the entire journey of IAS preparation. It will help you to answer many questions in the interview. This is not necessary that you will get the question on current affairs for sure, but we cannot take chance at this stage.
  2. Always prepare with a positive approach and exclude the fear of selection from your mind.
  3. Do a research on your hobby and your personality and understand it. Board members can throw question based on your background as well, like your sir name and ancestor’s history.
  4. Having the awareness about the latest national and international issues along with a critical approach on them. You will not be judged for your knowledge at this stage, of course it has been done by them in previous stages. This is the stage where your ability to use that knowledge as administrator will be checked by the board members.
  5. Attend the interview in formal attire; do not carry bright colors that will reflect your casual behavior about the interview.
  6. Prepare IAS interview question set and work upon it.

Can we Succeed in Interview without the Guidance of Experts

You might come across many sayings like nothing is impossible for human mind, or we can conquer the entire world with positive approach, but all these word seems fake when you fail at the end of the day. Although there are students who are cracking the exam without any help but this should be kept in mind that they have someone back at home to put them in right direction. IIIASA provides you with Best IAS mentor Jaipur who will guide you properly towards success in your interview preparation.