In the wake of Corona Crisis, classroom coaching has been suspended for the time being.

Tentative date for the next Foundation course 2020 – 21 ( General Studies and Public Administration) is 18th August 2020.

Online classes are slated to begin on 15 th July 2020

IAS aspirants seek two types of help from expert teachers to crack their exam. It includes either foundation classes or crash course. If you are an IAS aspirant from Jaipur and looking for IAS foundation classes Jaipur, ask the experts of IIIASA. A foundation course will prepare you to crack all the three stages of IAS exam that is Preliminary, Mains and Interview. A serious candidate who wants to prepare for the exam with full dedication, impart full one year for the exam. The skilled and experienced staff of IIIASA prepares students through all the three parts of exams equally. So that students do not find any difficulty in later part of the exam, once they clear the first stage.

How Students are Prepared for the Exam in Foundation Courses of IAS

There are students who give all their attention to clear prelims exam by keeping aside mains and interview. By the time they crack the prelims it becomes very difficult to prepare for the next stage that is mains. This is because the time between prelims result and mains exam is very short. Preparation for the mains exam requires a lot on the part of student, which is not possible in such a small period of time. As a result of which they miss their target badly. So it is very crucial to start equal preparation for all the three parts of the exam from the very beginning. You need not to get panic if you are going to write your exam in Hindi medium because we at IIIASA arrange separate classes for Hindi and English medium students. Just focus on your preparation and shed your worries.

Importance of Foundation Classes over Crash Courses for IAS

When you are preparing under the supervision of experts for full one year, you will be more confident. On the contrary part when you are pursuing your preparation through taking crash courses, exposure to expert mind gets reduced. Preparation of this most difficult exam is going to challenge your capabilities every single day. There will be stages when you will think of withdrawing from the preparation; your teachers at IIIASA will become your motivator at that time. But you will not be able to avail this benefit in crash course. More students who have some psychological fear to interview are also reduced throughout the year in foundation courses. This is done by IAS interview preparation of the students under the guidance of skilled staff.

Foundation Classes for IAS preparation from IIIASA

In case you still have not opted any coaching institute for preparing the exam under the guidance of smart minds, approach IIIASA at Jaipur and give wings to your dreams. We provide each and every important help to our students which is crucial for the exam preparation. Tips for crack IAS examcould be taken from our teachers anytime. Students who fail to understand certain concepts are given special time to make them understand the basic concepts. Equal time and importance is given to Prelims, mains and interview part of the exam, So that you do not confront any problem after cracking initial stage.

Best IAS Foundation Coaching Institute in Jaipur for Aspirants

Today every coaching institute of IAS keeps on bragging that it is the best institute. But when students actually entre their classroom they feel deceived by them. Most of them lack professionalism and stuff all type of students in their classroom which are preparing for different exams. It seems silly to prepare for IAS in such classrooms. Civil services coaching that we provide at IIIASA in Jaipur do not involve in such pursuit. Here you are not going to have aspirants of other exams except IAS. Professionalism is the only thing for which we are known and we cannot suppose to end that professionalism at any cost.

So if you are not just interested in writing the exam and want to clear it join us at IIIASA as soon as possible. It is always good to start your preparation at its early, so that you do not need to lament over it I the later part.

Join the best.... Join IIIASA

Last Edited: May 7, 2019


Interactive classroom coaching.

Surprise tests to develop intellectual spontaneity in students.

Updated study materials.

Rigorous scrutiny of answer papers and performance evaluation.

Focus on moral and ethical elevation of students along with core teaching.

Scientifically designed methodology to improve answer writing skills.

Personal attention to each of the students.

Most accomplished faculties.

Important notes and study materials in handwritten form.