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Why to join professional ias institute for coaching

When your aim is as high as to become an IAS officer, ordinariness in effort does not work. You are required to take note of even simplest of the things. If your hardwork is not accompanied by proper guidance and support, you may reach failure very fast. In other words, a professionally competent institute can […]

Concentration of mind can help you in creaking civil services exams

Dear IAS aspirants, it is well known that preparation for any examination does necessarily demand proper concentration of mind to improve one’s performance. Yet it becomes more important in the context of Civil Services Examination. The reason being the nature, content and size of the syllabus which is not only wide in scope but varied […]

Experts in anything was firstly a beginner

Dear friends, it is to be noted that the most inspiring and glorious chapters in the history of human civilization have been authored not by those who were extremely talented only but by those who despite being a mediocre in talent dared to think big and dared to take the first step. A large number […]

Civil services a perspective

The significance of Civil Services in the context of any civilized society cannot be over emphasized though its nature, behavioral orientation, professional competence and equation of relationship with the political leadership and society at large always constitute a very relevant subject – matter for debate and discussion. The imperatives of reorienting our services ‘in sync […]

Practise is the key of success in Ias exam

‘Practice makes a man perfect’ and this age old principle holds good for Civil Services Examination as well. Whether it is prelims, mains or interview, regular practise tends to improve your performance in a number of ways which are as follows-: 1) Regular practise with tests makes you aware of the scope of syllabus considered […]

11 Tips to remember while join coaching institute for IAS

Are you going to join Coaching Institute for IAS? 11 Tips to remember:- 1) Do not get swayed by Brands Because -> the teachers there may be sub ordinary who thrive under the name of brand. 2) Do not get swayed by the advertisement claiming 5 in top 10, 26 in top 50, 62 in top 100 and […]

IIIASA is the best choice for IAS coaching in Jaipur

The distinct identity of this educational institution lies in its philosophy of teaching. Away from the cut and thrust of competition which very often leads to shift of focus from teaching to marketing, IIIASA keeps core teaching and learning in the center where the courses begin with an assumption that students know nothing and gradually […]