In the wake of Corona Crisis, classroom coaching has been suspended for the time being.

Tentative date for the next Foundation course 2020 – 21 ( General Studies and Public Administration) is 18th August 2020.

Online classes are slated to begin on 15 th July 2020

Blessed with the divine grace of Sri ‘BALAJI MAHARAJ’ (Hon. Director), the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF IAS ASPIRANTS (IIIASA), established by Mr. Sajjan Pratap Singh (Founder Director) is marked by a spirited endeavor to provide the most conducive environment for learning with an objective to impart not only a competitive edge to the aspirants but also to empower them intellectually and morally so that they could make a more valuable contribution in the furtherance of our national interest. The institute is esteemed high in terms of providing an integrated and comprehensive pre-selection and post selection training as well to the candidates.

Thanks to its ‘mission- driven ‘approach, the institute has developed a distinct identity of its own in terms of calibrating core traditional values of teaching with modern technological paraphernalia to bring out the best in the students which has been attested to by its scintillating performance. The institution has registered one of the highest ‘success to enrollment’ ratio in the country. Esteemed high in terms of institutional integrity and credibility by the students, IIIASA remains committed to take the standard of education to a new high.


“A child miseducated is a child lost”

Teaching is an act of moral responsibility based on mutual trust and confidence. At IIIASA (INDIAN INSTITUTE OF IAS ASPIRANTS ). we believe that teaching is basically an influencing process to empower students to develop a multi dimensional understanding of environmental dynamism. The core of teaching lies in developing the power of interpretation and analysis rather than thrusting information upon students. It must instill confidence and an insatiable intellectual quest in students capable of surpassing all the limits of teaching itself.

Teaching is the greatest act of optimism which is much more than sharing of knowledge……………….it involves transference of energy, hope and possibilities.

Remember, ‘a good teacher is as rare as a gifted doctor’

Aims & Objectives

The increasingly globalizing world of 21st century and its associated complexities pertaining to socio-economic and political realities has altered the contextual backdrop of administration all over the world including India as well. As a consequence, the threshold limit for the selection of candidates, more particularly, to the executive positions in the government has been consistently moving upward. Notwithstanding claims and counter claims thrown by the number of institutes, most of them are still following the conventional method of teaching with greater emphasis on pouring knowledge into student rather than developing and expanding the ability to think and analyze.

On the other hand, the UPSC has kept on streamlining the significance of problem solving skills and decision making ability among the candidates aspiring to join civil services.Therefore the primary objective of the institute is to help candidates in developing an all comprehensive analytical approach towards relevant issues of national and global importance. It may be related to society, culture, economy, polity and an ensemble of other issues demanding inter disciplinary and inter contextual understanding. To be precise, IIIASA reposes confidence in age-old proverb “one should take care of minutes, hours will take care of themselves”.

Our experience testifies to the fact that a large number of aspirants fail to clear this examination despite good academic records because of confusion regarding what to read and what not to read. No doubt, our objective is to remove this confusion so as to extend a goal –oriented approach.It is to be noted that the Union Public Service Commission has kept on schematizing the pattern of examination in such a way to as to locate the best of talent available in the country.

The Commission had introduced a new system of examination in 1979 which has been in continuance with some changes. The current year has witnessed the introduction of CSAT which has altered the nature of preliminary test with greater emphasis on administrative aptitude.

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Last Edited: May 7, 2019


Interactive classroom coaching.

Surprise tests to develop intellectual spontaneity in students.

Updated study materials.

Rigorous scrutiny of answer papers and performance evaluation.

Focus on moral and ethical elevation of students along with core teaching.

Scientifically designed methodology to improve answer writing skills.

Personal attention to each of the students.

Most accomplished faculties.

Important notes and study materials in handwritten form.