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RAS Interview Batches are in progress. Join the best ! Join IIIASA Under the inspiring guidance of Sajjan Singh. More than 15 years of experience and an unparalleled success Story.

IAS – 2016-17: New batch for “ISS (Indian Statistical Services)” Interview is in progress. Join now!

IAS Mains 2016-17 : Test Series for Public Administration beginning on 10th August 2016.

IAS 2016-17: New Batch for General studies is slated to begin on 20th August 2016. Join Now!

IAS 2016-17: Next Batch for Public administration is slated to begin shortly.

IAS 2015-16, IIIASA registers highest success to enrollment ratio.

Breaking News! IIIASA’s Student have made it to the top positions in Indian Statistical Services (ISS), Apeksha Agarwal (Jaipur, 3rd rank), Piyush Kumar Pathak (Mirzapur, UP, 15th rank), Ramniwas Meena (Dausa Rajasthan, 32nd rank).

RAS 2016-17,Pre cum Mains batches are slated to begin on 26th July at IIIASA under the inspiring guidance of Sajjan Singh. Join the best institute and enjoy the edge. Contact for details: 01412720211, 8742066701

Welcome to IIIASA

Indian Institute of IAS Aspirants

Perhaps no one on this planet has ever spoken a truth which was not spoken earlier yet we keep emphasizing some age defying principles of life so that they get deeply engrained in our personality to make our world a better place to be in. Life is precious and exciting because moments once spent never come again and therefore prudence demands that we should try to make the most out of this life.

The history of mankind is not so much the history of masses as the one orchestrated by a small minority who dared to believe in themselves against all odds and went that extra mile to draw the most in furtherance of one or other cause. The script of heroism in all spheres of life has largely been authored by indomitable courage, uncommon attitudinal response than ability alone.
No doubt our happiness, success and well being are nothing but the total application of our personality to the self and the environment to the enrichment of all. Interestingly, the principle of rocket science and behavioral science do converge in certain term that is ‘those who have to go higher must keep lighter’.

In the course of evolution of human civilization, every period of time has come with its own set of challenges as well as opportunities and our life inter alia has been largely conditioned by our ability to respond with net positivism.
The ‘cut and thrust’ of ubiquitous competition, fast changing value system, the global local interface, the highly effervescent and uninhibited spectrum of socio-economic, cultural and political interaction among societies have gradually been leading us to a kind of convergent evolution wherein no country can think of pursuing its esteemed goals in isolation from others.
What is applicable to a society of nations is also applicable to individuals….


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From Director’s Desk...

19th April 2016

K G Scam

There is a universal rule that the one who has got his face blackened tends to see the whole world black. Mr Jairam's party has been running from pillar to post to get a single opportunity to drag Modi Government into the dungeon of all drudgery it is sitting into and in the process they are proving themselves as pathetic an opposition as they were

Courses Offered

Courses Offered

Short Term and Long Term IAS RAS Courses

What people Say About IIIASA

The foundation on which the edifice of intellectual prowess stands needs to be damn strong to fight and succeed in civil services. This task is well accomplished by Sajjan Sir. His approach to teaching rathar communicating is so vibrant and appropriate that the things and situations come to materialise in front of the eyes of the students. The biggest relevance of his teaching style is that it directly strikes at the root of the issue under consideration making them crystal clear. It prevades through all streams, be it public administration or polity, science, geography, history, current affairs, international relations and across the wide spectrum of knowledge. He explains the things in a very subtle manner drawing practical examples along the scale of space and time. My writing skills and vocabulary and ability to find the gist of issues are admired, thanks to his inspiring guidance and support.

Bhawana Sharma

Assistant Collector and Executive Magistrate, Tonk (under training)

Bhawana Sharma - IIIASA Student

IIIASA , not just an ordinary institute but a platform which raises your intellectual understanding of  any subject matter exponentially.
Sajjan sir, a true mentor with dynamic teaching skills. I owe my success to him , it is his motivation and his positive approach towards life that made me achieve my goal.
Thank you sir

Sonam Jain - IIIASA Student

I joined IIIASA in Sept 2015 for gs. Faculty here is very good . All the topics of gs are very well discussed in a comprehensive and broad manner. There is no race to finish the syllabus superficially like many other institutes do. Teachers are very easily accessible in case of any doubts. Training a person for this noble job is not an easy task. IIIASA is like a temple where Sajjan sir is the preacher instilling values among the students along with teaching

Arpit - IIIASA Student

IIIASI se jo sikha hai wo yahi ki :: Lagataar ho rahi asafaltaoon (unsuccess) se niraash nahi hona chahiye. Kyuki gucche ki aakri Chaabi (Key) bhi lock khol sakti hai.

Rahul Kumar (Gov. of INDIA) - IIIASA Student

Sir, your support & guidance will always be remembered, fondly in good times, & as encouragement in bad.. No words can express,no act of gratitude can relay,no gift can represent what your support & guidance have meant to me… Thank u so much sir from being with me from 2011 to till now…

Richa Kaushik - IIIASA Student

A teacher, coach, mentor and friend; all-in-one. He goes extra mile every time, beyond the realm and boundaries of Public Administration, for his students. Attending his classes helped in developing clear concepts which seem so complex from outside. Also, one cannot remain uninfluenced from his energy and it energises the listener too for forthcoming challenges.

Mohit - IIIASA Student

Your role as a leader is even more important than you might imagine.You have the power to help people become winners

Aman Jangid - IIIASA Student

Spirit of IIIASA

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